Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most common goals when it comes to fitness. So many of us want to get in better shape for a holiday, an event or just for our general health. It can seem very complicated, but in reality, if you take in less calories than you use, you’ll be on the right track. To do that safely, and to get a leg up when you need it, we have a great range of weight loss supplements.

Here’s a no fuss guide on how our weight loss range works!

Meal Replacements

Sometimes, the biggest challenge when it comes to weight loss, is your diet. There’s only so many times you can eat chicken and rice, and for some, taste buds simply get in the way of having a healthy diet. With a meal replacement powder, you can get all the macros you need for a healthy meal, without a pot or pan in sight.

Fat Burners

Fat burners come in all shapes and sizes, and like a well known brand of outdoor paint, are designed to do exactly what they say on the tub. While there are many facts about fat burners, the main thing to remember is to follow the dose at all times, and to know we only stock natural, safe options. Looking for night time weight management support? Check out Night Shredder.

Low Calorie Syrups

How often have you turned a healthy meal or snack into a calorie riddled mess thanks to either a sauce, syrups or spread? That’s where those “extra calories” can really add up. So instead of having to eat super bland toast due to an irrational fear of jam, check out our low cal syrups, designed to maximise flavour while cutting out sugar and carbs.

Diet Protein Shakes

Protein powders come in all shapes and sizes and it can be a little bit confusing as to which one you should get. But in short, a diet protein powder is essentially a shake that has been designed to give you the right macros, as well as several weight loss aids such as green tea and CLA.

Diet Flapjacks

Like diet protein shakes, diet protein bars and flapjacks are made to give you a weight loss leg up, but also act as an on the go snack that can stave off hunger. Check out our best selling range of Matrix Nutrition High Protein Diet Flapjacks if you love a weight loss bargain!

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