After a workout, you need to recover, so do that with nutrient rich recovery supplements. Without these muscle building nutrients, your body will switch to a catabolic state, which in simple terms, means muscle damage, and no one wants that! Post-workout supplements, such as protein bars and all in one protein shakes, combine the best quality protein, amino acids and complex carbohydrates.

Read on for a step by step guide to the best recovery supplements

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are needed for the day to day health of muscles, bones and organs. So while you may be supplementing with things like vitamin C in order to help yourself recover, you’re also ticking the “looking after yourself box”. Different vitamins will have different benefits, such as vitamin D being good for the skin, and calcium being beneficial for your bones.

Carb Powders

Muscles store up glycogen, which, during exercise, is broken down and turned into glucose. This then gives you energy. By taking a carb powder you can replenish the lost stores of glycogen, meaning you can recover faster and reduce muscle damage. Micro Oats are a prime example of such a product, and can easily be added to shakes.

Protein Bars

Protein is a series of amino acids, and these are your key source of nitrogen. By having a positive nitrogen balance, your body can grow and repair. Protein bars are not only packed with a good serving of these vital muscle building beauties, but are also a good source of carbs. This gives you another helping hand in the fight to recover.

Joint Support

Tired joints can cause you pain, and if you are working hard, you will be putting these joints under pressure, which can just makes things worse. By supplementing with things like glucosamine and fish oils you can give yourself a good chance of recovering faster. Essential fatty acids, as contained in fish oils, can limit swelling in the joints. Glucosamine meanwhile, can delay cartilage breakdown, and also assist with bone health. This has been backed by various scientific studies, making glucosamine one of the most popular recovery supplements going.

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