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Recovery and Post Workout

After a workout, you need to recover. The 30-60 minute period after a training session is called the 'anabolic window'. Take full advantage of the anabolic state, with nutrient rich recovery supplements. Without these muscle building nutrients, your body will switch to a catobolic state and burn muscle for fuel instead.

Our post-workout supplements, such as protein bars and all in one protein shakes, combine the best quality protein, amino acids and complex carbohydrates.

Vitamins & Minerals

Confused about what foods contain what vitamins? Get the right balance of essential and non essential vitamins and minerals the easy way with our product range of vitamins, multi-vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy while you work it hard!

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Carb Powders

Carb powders or carbohydrate powders help speed up the recovery process after exercise. For best results, stack carb powders with protein powders and amino acids.

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Protein Bars

Packed with protein and other essential nutrients to keep up your protein intake when you’re on the move – in place of a meal, as a pre-workout boost or a healthy snack. Check out our deals on protein bars and don’t miss out on a meal ever again!

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Joint Support

Your joints take a real pounding when you’re exercising. We offer a range of supplements to help maintain healthy joints, keeping them mobile and strong. Check out the deals on joint support supplements - and keep moving!

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Post Workout

Post workout supplements contain fast acting creatine, proteins and carbohydrates help your body to launch the repair and recovery process immediately after your workout.

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Shakers & Water Bottles

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There's a thirty minute window immediately post exercise when your body is screaming out for replacement energy and the chemicals it needs to begin the recovery and repair programme. Choose your product stack to make sure that you give your body

  • High quality, fast absorbing protein to help repair muscle tissue in minimum time.
  • Carb powders to replace burned up energy and help muscles replace glutamine levels ready for the next session.
  • A boost to the immune system - making sure you're ready to stretch to the next goal!

Carb Powders - Give a fast release of energy to kick start the recovery and repair process. Choose products that have dextrose or fructose to give you an insulin boost too!

Protein Bars - A great way to take in high quality, fast release proteins your body's screaming for! Proteins are essential to muscle repair - helping to develop lean muscle bulk so you've something to show for all that work! One of the best Protein Bars on the market at the moment are Supreme Protein Bars.

Joint support - You may be focussing on your muscles, but don't forget to look after those joints - keeping them supple, mobile and strong. Our range of joint support products will keep them in good shape - before you start creaking!

Vitamins and minerals - Pushing your body to the limits probably means you need to boost your levels of vitamins and minerals. Get them the easy balanced way by selecting multivitamins and minerals from our range - or if you really know what you want, we have an extensive range of individual vitamin and mineral supplements just for you.

Post workout - E.g Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey - proteins, amino acids, glutamine, carbs...want them all in one easy to use powder or shake? Choose from the post workout range for a one-stop-shop solution to your post workout routine. Everything your body's shouting for in one easy to use pack!

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