PHD Pre Workout Pump 200g - Raspberry Lemonade

PHD Pre Workout Pump 200g - Raspberry Lemonade

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What is PhD Pre Wkt Pump?
Pre Wkt Pump is one of our 3 pre-workouts that have been tailor made for specific performance goals. Pre Wkt Pump is specifically designed to deliver awesome pumps during your workout to enhance blood flow and circulation to the targeted muscle groups.

Who is Pre Wkt Pump for?
Pre Wkt Pump is for those seeking a serious pump during their workout. If you like the feeling of tight arms and an inflated chest whilst training, this product is for you! Ideally suited and tailor made for those in the pursuit of lean gains. It’s worth mentioning that Pre Wkt Pump is also suitable for Vegetarians.

The Benefits of Pre Wkt Pump?
Pre Wkt Pump contains a whole host of ingredients known to deliver serious pumps and enhanced blood flow to the working area such as L-Norvaline, Arginine AKG, Citrulline Mallate, Beetroot Extract (to name a few) and our secret ingredient Oxystorm®. It is the perfect pre-workout to drive muscle growth activation if you’re seeking quality, lean muscle growth. Amino acids, glycogen and water amongst other components are delivered much more effectively to the working muscles due to Pre Wkt Pumps unsurpassable ingredient profile.

A little more on Oxystorm®
Oxystorm® is our secret ingredient in Pre Wkt Pump. We have specifically opted to include Oxystorm® (400mg) in our Pre Wkt Pump as it’s one of the highest dietary sources of nitrates discovered. Nitrates simplified are dilatators, these expand blood vessels. This is exactly what we want when we are training a particular muscle group as the more blood flow we can get to the working area, the more oxygen & nutrients we can flood in there too which will directly improve performance and endurance.