PhD Nutrition Recovery 2:1 1.28kg

PhD Nutrition Recovery 2:1 1.28kg

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Get the post exercise drink you’ve been after

If you train hard, run far or do anything physically demanding, you need to re-feed your system. That’s why a glycogen and amino acid replenishment is so vital. With PHD’s Recovery you get a 2:1 (it’s in the name) ratio of fast and slow acting carbs and super quality protein sources. This means your body is refed in the anabolic period and is given support to repair itself during catabolism. With a combination of waxy barley starch, dextrose and whey protein you have everything you need to support your body.

When used in line with an active lifestyle and healthy diet, Recovery 2:1 may:

  • Offer optimum body replenishment from hardcore exercise
  • Offer maximised power, as well as strength
  • Offer proper replenishment of energy
  • Offer the sustained release of energy
  • Offer enhanced protein synthesis