PhD Nutrition Battery +3 1kg

PhD Nutrition Battery +3 1kg

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The power behind your workout

We’re all different, but we all need energy. This means the business of getting energy and ensuring our glycogen stores can be quite complicated. By making sure our glycogen stores are fully stocked, we optimise the body’s ability during exercise. This means optimum gains and optimum results.

Different carbs work in different ways because they have different glycemic measurements. This means that some carbs have more sugar than others, some are faster acting and that in general, you might not get the same results from one carb compared to another.

That is where Battery +/- 3 comes in.

1. Long to mid term energy: Because of fructose and maltodextrin, you get that kick, without a blood sugar spike that is so big, that performance is hindered

2. Instant glycogenic replenishment with high impact carbs. Yes, high GI carbs like dextrose monohydrate give you instant glycogen replenishment, meaning complete recovery.

3. A BCAA and L-Glutamine matrix: BCAAs are needed to help the body build muscle and PhD have included Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Glutamine helps to fight against catabolism, and these 2 components combine to give you recovery and the ability to properly build muscle mass.