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SALE Nuke Nutrition Diet Bundle

Nuke Nutrition Diet Bundle

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What is Included in this Diet Pack?

  • Diet Plus Powder - 1 month supply (with free scoop)
  • Raspberry Ketones Tablets 60ct
  • Green Tea Tablets 60ct
  • Raspberry Ketone Serum (1 month supply)
  • Unique Body Tape measure
  • Shaker 700ml (with free blender ball)
  • Product Information Leaflet (with free weight tracker chart)
  • Key Benefits:

    • Fast weight loss
    • Powder tastes great & mixes well
    • Great value for money
    • Safe & effective weight loss
    • Everything you need in one pack

    Diet Plus Powder (1 month supply):

    Nuke Nutrition's Diet Plus drink is the ultimate way to lose weight. Not only does it taste amazing, each serving is less than 50kcal. With it's amazingly fruity taste and smooth consistency you'll enjoy losing weight and will reach your goals in no time! Each bag comes with a free scoop!

    Raspberry Ketones Tablets (60 tablets):

    Nuke Nutrition's Raspberry Ketones are a completely natural compound made from the actual ingredient that gives raspberries their unique flavour. Scientists have discovered that this pure extract from the raspberry itself can help increase metabolism and stimulate certain hormones that encourage weight loss.

    The most importing aspect of Nuke Nutrition's Raspberry Ketones is that it helps you burn fat safely & naturally rather than filling your body with hardcore stimulant ingredients.

    Green Tea Tablets (60 tablets):

    Green tea has been used for centuries to help increase metabolism, aid weight loss and provide a boost to wellbeing. Nuke Nutrition's Green Tea is the most potent anti oxidant you can buy.

    Raspberry Ketone Serum (1 month supply):

    Unlike most raspberry ketones Raspberry Ketone T5 T6 uses the rare black raspberry in its formulation. The black raspberry provides a greater yield of more potent ketones than its cousin the red raspberry. This means it provides a superior fat burning effect for our customers. Not only do black raspberries contain superior ketone content but they contain less sugar and are more fibrous than the red raspberry. They are even beginning to attract the attention of the oncology world with studies currently being undertaken into their effect on the treatment and/or prevention of colon cancer, esophageal cancer, and skin cancer.

    Body Tape Measure:

    In this pack there is a FREE body tape measure so you can check your weight loss progress throughout the month. Our tape measure is lightweight and durable so it will last!

    A random colour tape measure is sent with each pack. A specific colour cannot be chosen. Sorry!

    Shaker Bottle:

    In this pack there is a FREE pink shaker bottle (700ml) so you can drink your Diet Plus shake in style. It's tough and lightweight design makes it perfect for the gym or on the go. It's easy to use & clean (it's dishwasher friendly) and best of all it looks great.

    Product Information Leaflet & Weight Loss Tracker:

    Included in every diet pack there is a handy product information leaflet. The contents of the leaflet:

    • Introduction Page: Some information about the diet bundle.
    • Meal Plans: A range of tasty meals selected by our sports nutritionist.
    • Workout Routines: A range of workouts to help boos your weight loss provided by our sports nutritionist.
    • Product Information: The information on every product within the diet pack.
    • Weight Loss Chart: A useful chart that enables you to track your weight across a 5 week period.

Diet Plus Powder (1 month supply):

Active Ingredients - Raspberry Ketone Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Green Tea Extract, African Mango Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Cranberry Extract.

Raspberry Ketones Tablets (60 tablets):

Active Ingredients - Raspberry Ketones Extract Inactive Ingredients - Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

Green Tea Tablets (60 tablets):

Active Ingredients - 100% Pure Green Tea Extract

Raspberry Ketone Serum (1 month supply):

Active Ingredients - Acai, L-Carnitine, African Bush Mango, Nopal, Black Raspberry, Green Tea Extract

Diet Plus Powder (1 month supply):

Amount Per Bag: 300g
Amount Per Serving: 10g
Servings Per Bag: 30

Raspberry Ketones Tablets (60 tablets):

Amount Per Pack: 60
Amount Per Serving: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Pack: 60

Green Tea Tablets (60 tablets):

Amount Per Pack: 60
Amount Per Serving: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Pack: 60

Raspberry Ketone Serum (1 month supply):

Amount Per Bottle: 30ml
Amount Per Serving: 2-3 Drops
Servings Per Pack: 60

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