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Do Testosterone Boosters Increase Lean Muscle Mass?

Date Posted: 04 June 2013

Testosterone is one of the main regulators of your body’s ability to build lean muscle mass, but dependant on age and genetics some people simply don’t possess sufficient levels of circulating testosterone to produce the sort of gains they are looking for in the gym.

In this article we will take a look at the testosterone boosting supplements on the market and whether they can help maintain an elevated anabolic hormone profile.

Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus contains steroidal saponins, alkaloids, and flavanoids and boosts testosterone through its stimulation of the anterior pituitary gland, which increases the production and secretion of the powerful anabolic Luteinizing Hormone.

Advice: Keep an eye out for the standardised saponin content of each product as this is the most important aspect of the supplement, around 40% is the minimum but you can find some that go as high as 95% if you’re lucky!

Bulbine Natalenis: Bulbine is more recent addition to the bodybuilding world, although it has been used in African medicine years. In a recent study which analysed the effects of Bulbine on non-human subjects, the results showed this herb increased testosterone levels by 347% but also reduced estragon by 35% which is a potent mix in terms of developing lean muscle.

Advice: Bulbine Natalenis is an advanced supplement relatively new to the market, so novices of the testosterone wishing to use Bulbine are advised to begin with mild dosages from which they can judge how their body responds to powerful testosterone boosters.

ZMA: Zinc:Magnesium:Vitamin B-6 is also a supplement with scientific backing, one study in the US found athletes supplementing with ZMA exhibited a 30% increase in circulating testosterone levels and increased strength 2.5 times greater than the non-ZMA control group.

Advice: ZMA is a fantastic product in terms of recovery from intense training and should ideally be taken right before bedtime because it helps support REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep is the deep period of sleep and optimises growth hormone production.

DAA: D-Aspartic Acid is the D form of the amino aspartic acid and is found naturally in the testes, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus, all of which are key players in anabolic hormone production. A recent study found that subjects supplementing with DAA increased circulating Luteinizing Hormone by 33% and testosterone levels by 43% in men aged 27-37!

Advice: You want to be buying 100% pure D-Aspartic Acid and aim to use 3g a day in the morning and after using DAA supplements for 4 months take a 4 month break before using again.

Our Take - Testosterone boosters may have been used in bodybuilding circles for a number of years, but in terms of scientific research and use by the general population they are still in their early stages. This article clearly shows that certain test boosters can significantly raise testosterone levels, but until more solid research becomes available including a wider range of subjects and a wider range of performance variables it’s difficult to draw a complete opinion on testosterone boosters. However, the future certainly looks bright and early research has produced some staggering increases anabolic hormone production.

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